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The Jago Owners Club Discussion Forum

The Jago Owners Club Forum exists to allow Jago owners and enthusiasts from all over the world to get together on-line to discuss all things Jago, and as such the forum represents only part of our organisation. We are NOT purely an on-line club; many of our members do not use the internet and prefer to receive their news and views through the club newsletter, Transmissions.

In view of this, decisions reflecting the clubs structure and officers cannot be made on the forum. Ideas may be raised & discussed and points recommended for the AGM which is held each year in May, but the final decisions will ultimately be made at that meeting. Notice of the AGM will be posted on the forum as well as in the newsletter, and we welcome any suggestions for inclusion in the agenda. Club members will get the opportunity to vote at the AGM on any club related issues, and to raise new issues under 'Any Other Business'.

We ask that you register before using the forum, and that requires a few details from you the first time you visit. We also ask that you disclose your location so that we may see where you are in relation to other Jago owners. Your application for registration will be reviewed by staff members before an acceptance is e-mailed to you. Please bear with us if there is a short delay in replying to you as our admin and moderators are volunteers and are not on-line 24/7.                                      

The forum is moderated by long-standing club members, and posts are monitored on a regular basis. Any foul language, abusive posts, unacceptable posts, or advertising by traders will be moved or removed as appropriate. We welcome all skill levels into the club and if you wish please make those skills known, however this is not a forum for trade advertising. If you have trade services to offer please read the information provided for you under the General section and act accordingly, but please do not post directly into the forum. Any advertising by traders that is not approved by a staff member will be removed.                                                                                    

You can use signatures in the site, but they are subject to the same terms and you risk being barred if you violate them. Any posts moved will be marked as such, so you can contact the administrators if you disagree with our actions.                                                                                  

You may use the Guests' Reception Area of the forum without joining the club, but to access the full forum and to take advantage of members’ discussions, technical boards, contacts, galleries, trader information and the technical website you will need to join the club (full details at http://www.jagoownersclub.co.uk/membership.html). We hope that if you become a regular forum user you will wish to help us continue to pay for this service for all member’s, and will join the Jago Owners Club. Any non-members will be identified as such on the forum through the user status shown against each username.                                                                                                          

The Jago Owners Club cannot be held responsible for any false, offensive or otherwise unacceptable content on these message boards.

Breaches of these terms and conditions will be dealt with on an individual case-by-case basis, resulting in suspensions and permanent bans.

In extreme cases we will not hesitate to report members to their Internet service provider (ISP) or to take legal action.

Whether you have recently bought a Jago, built one from a kit, are restoring one or are just keen on them, then you are welcome on our forum.
The formal stuff over, please click on the arrow  to the right and join what is agreed as a very enthusiastic and welcoming forum.....